NANOMED labs aim to develop advanced nanotechnology promoting new knowledge in the fields of genomics, post-genomics and biomedicine in general.

Laboratories group multidisciplinary expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and physics and include companies operating in the market of biotechnology and advanced electronics.

Research projects focus on promising strategic areas:

  • low-cost and high-throughput gene expression profiling methods;
  • highly reproducible methods to analyze specific antigen expression patterns and protein interactions in cells and sera;
  • DNA genotyping and haplotyping by detecting individual probes on single strands;
  • high-throughput measurements of membrane potentials and ion channels activity on large scale or at single-events level;
  • mass selection and characterization of macromolecules by nano-molecular-sieves;

The headquarter is located in Genova at the Advanced Biotechnology Center, a consortium of public and private institutions hosting biotech companies and research labs.

NANOMED labs formed in 2005 funded by the Italian Ministry of Education and Science within the FIRB 2003 project.







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